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Promotional activities, which are at the top of the methods used by contemporary business efforts such as market development and customer satisfaction, have led to the emergence of a very large and dynamic sector where all businesses and institutions are assumed as the target audience, regardless of sector and scale: Promotion Sector.

The size of this industry, whose borders can hardly be determined when compared in terms of both the diversity of the products and services it offers, as well as the number of target audience and customers, has reached levels that can cause surprise beyond the expectations.

HESAŞ A.Ş., which was founded in the 70s and has been operating as a joint stock company since 1982, is the largest company in this sector with investments and portfolio in Turkey and its immediate surroundings, as well as being a company that laid the foundations for the formation of the promotion sector in the national market and sets the trends and standards. is a leader.

Although most of its production is for promotion, it also provides various products to sectors such as automotive, white goods and durable consumer goods with its technical possibilities and quality level and serves as a sub-industry.

HESAŞ A.S. As a result of its efforts to open up to foreign markets in recent years, it exports to more than twenty countries and can easily compete in the international market in terms of product variety, quality and price. It realizes approximately 40% of its total sales as exports and this rate is increasing rapidly every year. This is an indication that HESAŞ A.Ş. is on its way to becoming an international brand, which is one of its goals.

Developing and developing products that are accepted and demanded worldwide in terms of product design that is contemporary and in line with customer expectations, HESAŞ A.Ş. exhibits and promotes its current product portfolio at domestic and international specialized fairs every year. As a requirement of its leading position in the sector, it is a member of international organizations related to the promotion sector such as PSI, PPAI and PROMOTA, and is a founding member of PROMOTÜRK, an association established as a solution platform for the problems of the sector in the country.

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